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Top 3 things your brand needs to know about Modest Fashion

What does Modest Fashion mean to you? Here's an article I've written inspired by an interview I conducted with BAMM Global.

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2018 has so far been the year of women’s empowerment. The pink spotlight shone on a number of viral campaigns such as #metoo and #timesup. This feminist trend gives modest fashion renewed relevance, a movement which has been gathering momentum over the past 2 years. What appeared to have started as a social media hashtag has exploded into a movement which goes beyond religious dress-code. Now it’s soaring through the entire fashion industry making a lot brands question why they hadn’t paid attention earlier.

America’s gun paradox; should brands interfere?

An article I wrote about the growing concerns about gun laws in the US and whether brands have a voice in the debate. A short film was produced too.

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Last year, 64% of homicides in the USA were caused by guns, compared to 4.5% in the UK. It’s no wonder when travelling to the US, the topic of gun culture is something I’m keen to explore. Even as I’m writing this now, in the last 72 hours, there have been 6 deaths and 19 injuries caused by guns in the US. However, after speaking to four individuals, two in Illinois, two in Texas, I find the topic awkward and divisive to discuss.


What the internet thinks of your brand purpose

Every day the internet feeds us with a wealth of information which has been shared, re-tweeted, re-phrased and sometimes reconstructed. It could be a public figure that has made a fool of themselves, or a brand that has offended a large group of people. Internet users swarm in, criticising, picking holes and attacking until they get bored or until something else distracts them. It isn’t a new phenomenon, but the question is: what are the long-term effects? And what can we learn from it?

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Brand Activism: Lucy Edwards, blind beauty vlogger

2017 has been a year of brands standing alongside people during political backlash and human rights marches. The question is: how do brands tastefully align themselves with these campaigns? We've seen Pepsi get it horribly wrong, while Airbnb nailed it.

Brand activism should be a natural evolution from corporate social responsibility to a more active and politically relevant social purpose. BAMM spoke to Lucy Edwards, a vlogger to uncover how beauty is more than skin deep, and why brands should care.

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Man on the roof

A short documentary shot in Ahmedabad, India. A man tells us about his job and the threatening challenges he faces each day. 

maple & fitz

Founder of Maple & Fitz, Adria Wu, commissioned me to create a film for her website. The film needed to clearly express the company's mantra, Eat Juice, Be Happy. Shot in one day on location, the film was a great success and they have since opened two more shops.