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-About Me-


I'm a multidisciplinary creative with over 9 years' experience in the industry. I work with global brands and leading agencies to develop and produce compelling visual stories to engage and inspire their audience. I love to experiment with new mediums which push the boundaries of what's considered normal in the industry.

My aim is not to just tell a story, but more importantly, to evoke an emotion. My personal work usually explores how political or social issues impact sub-cultures around the world. 


Awards & honours:
Travel Photographer of The Year 2018: Runner up
British Journal of Photography: Editor's choice for Portrait of Britain Award 2018
PX3 2018: Bronze in Portraiture/Personality
The Royal Photographic Society: Shortlisted for the International Photography Exhibition 2018
Brand Film Festival 2018: Silver Award for Best Internal Film
The Independent Photography Festival 2017: Finalist
IPA International Photo Awards 2016: Honourable mention in two categories
The AOP Photography Awards 2015: Shortlisted for the Open Single award
Life Framer: International Photography Awards 2014 (Prize winner)
IdeasTap: Film competition 2012 (Winner)
Cornwall Film Festival 2011: Nominated for Best Short Film

Print publications:
British Journal of Photography / Positive News Magazine / LOST Magazine / Makeshift Magazine /  Huck Magazine / Delayed Gratification / the simple things / AQR InDepth 

London Bridge City - Travel Photographer of The Year (March 28th - April 30th 2019)
The Richmix, Shoreditch - Photomonth Photo-open (25th October - 11th November 2018)
The Printspace - Women in the 21st Centuary (4th October - 30th 2018)
House of Vans - Independent Photography Festival (5th May - 27th 2017)
The Old Truman Brewery - AOP Photography Awards 2015 (8th October - 11th 2015)
Menier Gallery London - Life Framer: Alternative Lives (28th July - 2nd August 2014)



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